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Ableton 10 vs logic pro x reddit free.Ableton vs Logic Pro | Which is right for YOU? (2022 Comparison)

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When choosing between the two, the most important thing to consider is OS compatibility :. Logic Pro X — Logic is only available on Mac. Logic is owned by Apple, so we will never see a Windows release. Both these programs have free trials of the software, so I recommend playing around with these free versions before even considering the price. One of the most commonly made comparisons between FL Studio and Logic is the audio recording capabilities. Logic Pro X definitely has the edge here , as audio recording and live performance tracking is incredibly fast-paced and intuitive within the Logic interface.

For example, when tracking multiple takes of the same performance, Logic will keep all these takes within one track, and afterwards you can quickly scroll through the various takes within the track.

Fl Studio currently does not have this feature. If you record 5 takes for an audio performance, FL Studio will store them on 5 separate tracks which can get tiresome! Recording audio in FL Studio is definitely not as straight-forward, and in my opinion Image-line could make this a lot more intuitive and streamlined.

Within Logic, you would usually create, edit and structure a track all within the main Logic track window. But then Logic updated LPX to That left me reeling.

Now which DAW would I use? Logic or Live? I really want to commit to just one DAW. Then this morning, my email was filled with announcements of Ableton Live 10 updating to Live I got up at first light, made some coffee, and jumped on YouTube to watch some videos. My problem is this: starting a Project in Logic Pro is like me grabbing the keys to my Black Challenger and heading down the open desert roads, radio blasting, wind blowing in my hair. LP Ableton 11 is giving us some cool LP features.

So now I have no idea which DAW to commit to. But I need to figure it out before Ableton 11 is released.



Ableton 10 vs logic pro x reddit free –

Ableton feels alot more fluid and smoother to use for me, I found logic to be very clunky. Abletons browser blows logics out of the water, if. Logic Pro is much cheaper – arguably the best deal for a DAW on the market. It too has everything and only comes in one flavor. you don’t need.