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How to set up a website in ? Our updated beginners guide.


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Building websites for dummies free free.How to Build a Website for Dummies [The Easiest Step-By-Step Guide]


Anyone could build a site with Strikingly, and quickly too! Strikingly would have scored higher in our ease of use testing if it offered more control — our users wished for a more intuitive editor with more creative freedom. Strikingly creates one-page websites with a pre-formed design of your choice. The first thing you do is choose your template. Unlike many other free website builders, you can change your template as many times as you wish once your site is live.

Customization is pretty limited — when building our test site, we would have liked a little more control over our page layout. You can also only build one-page websites on the free plan. Read our Strikingly Review for an in-depth look at this top free website maker!

Webflow is by far an ideal choice for web designers and those who can handle large amounts of customization. This website builder definitely has web designers in mind.

Instead of the usual drag and drop functionality that Wix and Squarespace offer, Webflow works with padding and section block areas. This will be a pretty familiar format for users who are used to large amounts of customization but, to a beginner, this may be quite an overwhelming design process. The building process did take a couple of hours because of how different it is to the popular drag and drop editor that Wix offers. Thankfully, Webflow has a virtual design assistant which gives you an in-depth demo into how everything works before it leaves you to it!

Ability to drag elements — although Webflow is designed with web designers in mind, it would be useful to include drag and drop editor functionality so that it is more beginner-friendly! Webflow relies pretty heavily on the use of short keys and right-clicking to remove or add elements, which makes the design process a lot more streamlined.

You do get thrown into navigating the dashboard which can be slightly daunting at first. With both free and premium templates, Webflow does a good job of identifying which templates are going to be better for your individual requirements.

Although, there is no actual search functionality which limits the amount of templates on view and whether it accomodates for a certain industry. Usually website builders have a set of templates for the blogging industry, for example, which provides a good indication as to what works for you.

This is something Webflow could definitely include to make the overall user experience much more enjoyable. Your domain name will look something like this lucyscupcakes.

Site has an ecommerce plan that is much better suits for growing traffic and marketing tools. Account Plan offers two choices of either Individual or Team plans. You can kind of figure out which features these both entail! With Teams, you can collaborate with other team members with a shared dashboard, and is a lot more customizable. Webnode is a popular choice of free website maker with more than 30 million users around the world. You can move elements around, but they will conform to predetermined designs.

For example, if you move an image from the middle of the page to the right, the page design will change to accommodate this, rather than simply letting you drop the image where you want it. It lends itself really well to building simple, minimalist sites — we recommend it for events websites rather than, say, business websites. One of the big drawbacks to Webnode is the limited storage you get on the free plan.

You only receive MB storage, which is five times less than most of the other builders on our list. The domain we got for our cupcake website looked like this: lucy-s-cupcakes0.

Most of its templates have visuals taking up most of the page — This means its ideal for ecommerce websites that really want to show off their products! A Ucraft watermark is attached to all free websites — you can remove this when upgrading to Pro plan!

The image-driven platform lets you showcase your products or services in a bold fashion from large visuals, to flashy fonts. The main focus on aesthetics really makes this builder enjoyable for the user! The onboarding process for Ucraft is pretty straightforward. When signing up, you get asked to choose your template and to type in your business name — Ucraft then gets to work creating your site.

Without a drag and drop editor, it was little more difficult to move elements around the page! The design process was, overall, super fun to play around with and you can achieve a lot of page character when using Ucraft. With Ucraft being a very image-driven builder, its templates are really focused on large images covering the page, rather than text.

Ucraft templates are pretty slick and clear with minimal content — the visuals are clearly doing all the talking! Although this may sound pricey, Ucraft does have a pretty good value for money with the array of features you get in return.

You can select either the Pro Website plan which is its most popular plan , Pro Shop, or Unlimited plan. SimpleSite lets you easily edit your site from your mobile. Its mobile editor in particular is a great feature for those on the go. If you want a builder that walks you through setting up the different parts of your website step by step, then you might enjoy using SimpleSite. Its onboarding process uses an animated beaver character to guide you through setting up each page, before you get to enter the main editor.

SimpleSite has a very thorough onboarding process, where it walks you through each step of setting up your website before you even reach the editor. SimpleSite is a mobile delight. It has a really impressive specialism — it gives you the ability to create a website to the same extent as on a desktop, but from your mobile device.

As part of the setup process, you have to choose your website layout. There were only two options to choose from, which felt extremely limiting — especially compared to builders like Wix and Weebly!

Showing the mobile preview alongside the desktop view is a nice touch, but more template choice would be even better! You can sell up to five products on the free plan, and your site will be mobile optimized, too. However, you have limited design options, and will need to upgrade if you want to remove adverts — as well as get rid of that page limit. However, there are some big downsides.

SimpleSite has two premium plans, and both are pretty expensive for what they offer. Free website builders may have once seemed too good to be true, but we set out to demonstrate that this is not always the case. A question we often get asked is just how do these free website builders make their money? Is there something sketchy going on? That said, there are some elements that you should pay close attention to when deciding on which free website builder you choose.

To create this ranking of the best free website builders, we drew upon our extensive research and user testing for each website builder as a whole, and combined this with a specific focus on their free plans, paying close attention to whether or not the builder ticked these boxes:.

Our screenshots should help you evaluate the ads of each website builder, and decide on the least intrusive option for you. Most free website builders have a cap on the amount of content you can upload to your site.

If you need to sell through your free website builder, this limits your options a little. The process and learning curve differ slightly from builder to builder, but here are the steps you can expect:. This process could take anything from 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on how much you switch up in steps three and four. Again, yoursite. As your site grows and your traffic increases, you may find you simply outgrow your free plan.

You may need to upgrade to have enough storage, and so that enough people can access your site at once. Many paid plans offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you can have total peace of mind. The features and tools needed to take your business or hobby to the next level will often be waiting for you in that premium plan, so make sure you at least take a look!

Our list of the top 10 free website builders ranks Wix as the best all-around builder, with tons of free features, while GoDaddy is great for SEO and design functionality.

Weebly is ideal for small businesses and offers a completely free ecommerce plan through Square Online if you need to sell online. Just remember that free website builders nearly always limit the features and functions that are available to you — you may be ok with this now, but it could prove extremely frustrating further down the line.

While we always recommend making the most of free plans to build, play, and experiment with different builders, we never recommend staying on a free plan forever.

In the meantime, enjoy trying out your favorite free builders — come back and let us know which one you liked the most!

Another way for website builders to make money is through advertising on your site the ads can be removed by upgrading your plan.

Free websites are not very SEO-friendly because you cannot connect a personalized domain. Yes — website builders make it super easy to create professional looking sites for no money at all. With these free platforms you get most of the features you need to get your site up and running, but, of course, upgrading your plans gives you access to better tools. You can upgrade to a paid premium plan whenever you want to.

Doing so will provide you with far more tools, templates, storage space, and other important features for growing your website. Yes, they are totally free to use. You can sign up, create, customize, and publish your site without paying a thing. However, most website builders lock certain features unless you upgrade to a paid plan, but these costs are completely optional, so the overall costs are up to you.

Wix came top in our research for ease of use. Its intuitive drag-and-drop design makes it easy to create a professional looking site without any tech knowledge. It also gives you tons of creative control so you can build a really developed, personalized site. Weebly takes top spot for best free ecommerce builder — it lets you sell an unlimited number of products on its free plan! This feature is for US sellers only.

Strikingly is great for creating modern websites quickly, but only lets you sell one product through its free plan. Mozello is more limiting in terms of design, but lets you set multiple languages for your site, and lets you sell up to 10 products on its free plan — great for selling internationally!

Keep in mind though that, like storage, free plans often have a cap on bandwidth, so you may need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to access more resources once you start getting higher traffic levels. All the platforms featured on this list should reformat your site so it displays properly on mobile. The ten builders featured on this list all offer a free plan you can stay on for as long as you wish, with no pressure to upgrade.

There are currently no free services, but check out our article on the Best Cheap Web Hosts if price is your main consideration when choosing a provider. Found this article helpful? Share this article or comment below! Written and researched by. Natasha Willett Researcher. Lucy Carney Author.

Updated: May 23, Comments: Our methodology We tested each free builder to rate them on the criteria you told us mattered most — we paid special attention to features, ease, design, and support.

Weebly — Ideal for Small Businesses. Jimdo — Small Online Store Builder. Site — Made for Simple Websites. Strikingly — Made for Simple Websites. Webflow — Best For Designers. Webnode — Quick and Easy Setup. Ucraft — Best for Multilingual Websites. SimpleSite — Great Mobile Editor. Get all the key information you need at a glance with our helpful comparison table! Overall Rating. Visit Wix. Visit GoDaddy.

Visit Weebly. Visit Jimdo. Visit Site Visit Strikingly. Visit Webnode. Visit Ucraft. Visit SimpleSite.

What does the information in this chart mean? We investigate important areas such as: Ease of use Design flexibility Value for money Feature quality Help and support Customer satisfaction This helps us rate and compare the builders fairly, focusing on important factors that users have told us matter most. Best All-Around Website Builder Wix is by far the best overall free website builder on the market today.

Editor’s Choice. Wix Best all-around website builder. Visit Site. How Wix scored in our research: 4. What will my domain name look like? Wix Gallery Click the image below to expand. When the editor first loads, it might seem a little overwhelming or daunting for beginners, which is a shame because Wix is actually very easy to use!

Ease of use: 4. Build your free site to find out what all the fuss is about! Cons Isn’t much room for creative freedom On-site adverts with free plan No custom domain unless you upgrade. How GoDaddy scored in our research: 4. GoDaddy Gallery Click the image below to expand. It was a quick and easy build, although it was too basic for the industry we were trying to create for.

Design Functionality: 4. Free plan limitations Essentially, you get what you pay for! Ideal for Small Businesses Weebly is one of the easiest to use free website makers around, with a great plan for small businesses.

People’s Choice. Weebly Ideal for small businesses. Very Good. Most scalable features Professional free domain Quick and easy to set up.

Cons Limited free plan features and support Editing tools lack creative freedom Pop up advert is bright and distracting. Weebly is now part of the Square suite of tools.

Get the best out of Weebly by using its free selling platform powered by Square Online. Weebly Gallery Click the image below to expand. It was a quick and easy build, although we missed the creative freedom that came with Wix.

Prompts like these make Weebly a great choice for beginners as well as businesses. Design: 2. Free Plan Limitations Weebly comes with the usual free plan limitations — on-site adverts, no custom domain, and limited storage at MB. Weebly’s free plan is one of the most generous Weebly is the perfect platform for small businesses, and one of the easiest website builders to get to grips with.

Build My Free Weebly Site. Jimdo Small online store builder. Sell for free ADI and coding options Connect online profiles. How Jimdo scored in our research: 3. Tiny note in the footer of your website to say it was built using Jimdo.

Jimdo Gallery Click the image below to expand. Design Functionality: 3. Free Plan Limitations The domain name format is fairly standard: your-site. There are also no banner or pop-up Jimdo ads with the free plan, just a tiny note in the footer. Looking for a simple storefront? Site Great design assistance. Above Average.

Pros Friendly live chat perfect for beginners ADI quickly builds a basic site for you No adverts visible when page first loads. Cons Unprofessional, non-customizable domain Template designs are outdated and clunky Extremely limited creative control. With a wide collection of beautiful templates and a user-friendly drag and drop functionality, WebStarts makes building a website as simple as possible: best of all, whatever you see when you’re designing is exactly what your visitors will see when you publish the site.

This can take some of the guess-work out of the process. While most of the other builders in this list are for people without a ton of coding knowledge, Webflow is specifically for designers and agencies who build sites for clients — this means the HTML and CSS is entirely in your control. After you’ve built a site on Webflow, you will need to transfer it to a content management system. There are some features, like drag-and-drop widgets for adding social components, maps, and videos, that don’t require coding knowledge.

There’s a limited set of themes, a responsive interface, and your Webflow site can be customized for desktop, tablets, or smartphones.

Apart from the necessity of knowing code, one other drawback of Webflow is you can only have two pages, and there’s a limit of visits for free users. With more than 11 million sites built on IM Creator, it’s a popular option for a few reasons: there’s an easy point-and-click interface, an extensive range of templates and images, and unlimited web hosting and domain services. Plus, the platform is scalable, and you can have either single or multipage layouts.

This builder is unique for its built-in ecommerce tools, and offers SEO and Google Analytics to fully optimize your site for search engines. Arguably one of the most flexible and easy-to-use builders, Site lets you customize anything and offers a one-click installation wizard with graphics and templates. Site stands out as particularly helpful with its free images library, professional fonts to add visual elements to your site, and creative DIY plans for creating multiple pages which are unlimited.

Plus, since it offers web hosting domain registration, MB storage space, Google Analytics, and is ad-free, you won’t feel pressured to switch to a paid plan. Strikingly prides itself on helping its users build a website with no programming skills required. Thousands of sites have been launched through this website creator, and users can start designing their own by selecting from countless templates contributed by site owners around the world.

You can find website designs suited for startups, ecommerce stores, blogs, events, product launches, and personal branding. Strikingly’s free offering comes with unlimited free sites but a modest 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. You’re also limited to a strikingly. Duda is a feature-rich website creator with numerous site widgets and media files, allowing you to piece together a website to fit your specific needs.

On top of site templates and a lengthy content library, Duda comes with a team-collaboration tool and basic analytics to show you how visitors are engaging with different parts of your website. Squarespace is fairly similar to WordPress and Wix in that it allows you to work off of pre-designed themes or build a site from scratch with its wire-framing features.

Squarespace’s pre-designed themes usually emphasize imagery or video, so it might be great for people in visual media, entertainment, dining, or fashion industries. Many templates, such as the one below, are both simplistic and mobile optimized. While simplicity might be difficult for a software company or a business which offers many services, it could be great for consumer facing companies that sell products related to one major industry:.

While GoDaddy is known as a website where you can go to buy cheap domains, it also has its own website builder for website owners that want to purchase domains and design their site at the same time. GoDaddy’s website templates are simple, clean, and effective. They can also be uploaded to WordPress sites for those who prefer to use WordPress’ software. Strikingly is another easy-to-use and code-free website builder that allows you to create a website using templates that are optimized for different sizes of screens.

It also offers basic image editing features to make your photos look crisp and clean. Because of its simple interface, Strikingly and its customer testimonials claim you can build your site within an hour on the platform. Pixpa is an all-in-one, DIY website builder designed to empower photographers, creative professionals, and businesses in creating beautiful, professional websites without touching a single line of code.

With a built-in online store builder, blogging platform, client proofing tools, and more, Pixpa enables you to showcase, share, sell and deliver their work online easily – all in one place.

Appy Pie Website is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create highly functional websites without any previous coding skills or programming knowledge.

All of the websites created using Appy Pie are lightweight, fast, and secure to ensure a safe and positive user experience. The best part about Appy Pie is that all the websites built with their tool consume low data and can deliver content even when there is no internet connectivity.

Appy Pie has a ton of ready-to-use templates that make it easy for you to develop aesthetic websites in minutes. In addition, the Appy Pie Website Builder also provides a rich library of frequently asked questions and video tutorials so that you can easily tackle the basic problems without relying on customer support.

There you have it! Since all of these website builders are free, try out a couple if you’re unsure of the best fit. In particular, take note of what you really want to get out of your site to ensure your needs will be met by one of these free builders.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November but was updated in October for comprehensiveness. Originally published Oct 9, AM, updated June 08 Marketing 12 min read.

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