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How to Set the Default Font in Word

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In the Modify Style dialog box, make whatever adjustments you prefer.


Microsoft word 2013 set default font free. Change the Default Font in Microsoft Office


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Changing Font and Spacing Defaults in Word .


In Word Win7 when I make a new document, the default font is Symbol. I want it to be Calibri. I do not want to have to select some document every time I make a new document. I simply want the default font to automatically be Calibri, not Symbol. I have to agree with Charles: If your description is correct items 1 and 2 in a previous post of yours , then it appears that you did not open the template as you would open a document.

Rather, your description suggests that you replaced the Normal template with a template whose name you specified as “Normal. Also, the Normal template should be in the so-called User Templates folder look in the File Locations dialog box to find the exact path.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Didn’t happen. In Word you cannot save over the top of an open document or template. The normal template is always marked as open when Word is open.

You can save over the top of an existing but closed file. In the Roaming Templates directory above. I’m sorry to tell you that you did not open the normal template. You created a blank document based on it and then saved that document as a template and then told Word to use that template as your Normal Template.

You now have a crippled normal template. Only Word can create a normal template. A template based on a regular document will be lacking features that make the normal template what it is. Yes, Word will use that, but you will lose things that you probably want including formatted AutoCorrect entries. Go back and delete that template with Word closed. Under the Advanced tab of Word Options Figure G , you will see several check boxes regarding selecting. I turn off selecting the entire word, and smart paragraph selection.

I also typically click the check box that turns on Use Normal style for bulleted or numbered lists. This next change is really just for editing purposes, so it may not apply to you, but it is still good to know where the feature is located in case you ever need it. Further down the page under the Advanced tab there is an item that says: Style area pane width in Draft and Outline views Figure H.

I change that from zero to one inch. That change will reveal the style name used for each section of your document. Click OK to apply all of your changes. As part of the ribbon interface, in the upper left corner, Word has a feature called the Quick Access Toolbar. However, the default configuration for that feature is, to put it politely, sparse: Save, Undo, and Redo.

While there are many tools and features to choose from when adding to the Quick Access Toolbar Figure I , I start with four obvious ones.

No doubt, I will add more, as I am sure you will too. Adding Quick Print, Print Preview and Spelling and Grammar is very simple: click the down arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar to reveal a list of potential tools and click the appropriate entries on the list. Adding Draft mode is a little more complicated. There are several ways to accomplish the task, but the easiest way is to click the View tab Figure J and then right-click the Draft icon and select the Add to Quick Access Toolbar item.

The last thing I do depends on the display screen I am working on at the time. For large monitors, I change the Zoom factor to a higher percentage. The Zoom slider is located in the bottom right corner of you Word window. Or if you are good with the slider you can simply move it to your desired percentage. None of the changes I have outlined are absolutely necessary, but for me, making these adjustments saves time, frustration, and headaches.

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Account Information TechRepublic close modal Some of the default settings in Word just don’t work for him, so before he does anything else Mark Kaelin changes them. Change the Normal Template This suggestion is probably the most obvious and the most often overlooked.

Word Options This next set of modifications is very subjective — I make them because it makes my life as an editor easier.