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Introduction to Access security.Introduction to Access security

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Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Scottgem MVP. Somewhere in the Package solution you need to set the target folder as a Trusted Location. Thanks for your feedback. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Greater ease of use If you place database files in either the new Access file format or the earlier file formats in a trusted location, such as a file folder or network share that you designate as secure, those files will open and run without displaying warning messages or asking you to enable any disabled content.

Also, if you open databases from earlier versions of Access, such as. However, remember that VBA code in a signed database will not run until you trust the publisher, and it will not run if the digital signature becomes invalid.

A signature becomes invalid when someone other than the person who signed it tampers with the content of a database. Trust Center The Trust Center is a dialog box that provides a single location for setting and changing security settings for Access.

You use the Trust Center to create or change trusted locations and to set security options for Access. Those settings affect how new and existing databases behave when they are opened in that instance of Access. The Trust Center also contains logic for evaluating the components in a database and for determining whether the database is safe to open or whether the Trust Center should disable the database and let you decide to enable it.

For general information about using the Trust Center, see the article View my security and privacy settings in the Trust Center. Fewer warning messages Earlier versions of Access forced you to deal with a variety of alert messages — macro security and sandbox mode, just to name two. By default, if you open an. If you want to trust the database, you can use the Message Bar to enable any disabled database content — action queries queries that add, delete, or change data , macros, ActiveX controls, expressions functions that evaluate to a single value , and VBA code — when you open a database that contains one or more of those components.

New ways to sign and distribute database files In versions of Access earlier than , you used the Visual Basic Editor to apply a security certificate to individual database components. Now you package the database, and then sign and distribute the package. If you extract a database from a signed package to a trusted location, the database opens without displaying the Message Bar. If you extract a database from a signed package to an untrusted location, but you have trusted the package certificate and the signature is valid, the database opens without displaying the Message Bar.

Note: When you package and sign a database that is untrusted or that contains an invalid digital signature, you must use the Message Bar to trust the database each time you open it, unless you place it in a trusted location. A stronger algorithm for encrypting databases in the.

Note: When you encrypt a database with a password, the encrypted database will use page-level locking, regardless of your application settings. This may affect the availability of data in a shared environment. A new subclass of macro actions that run when a database is disabled These safer macros also contain error-handling capabilities. You can also embed macros even those that contain actions that Access disables directly into any form, report, or control property that would logically work with a module of VBA code or a macro from an earlier version of Access.

If you open a database in a trusted location, all components run without the need to make trust decisions. If you package, sign, and deploy a database with an older file format. If you sign and deploy an untrusted database to an untrusted location, the Trust Center disables the database by default, and you must choose to enable the database each time you open it.

Access does not support user-level security for databases that are created in the new file format. However, if you open a database from an earlier version of Access in Access and that database has user-level security applied, those settings will still function.

Important: Permissions created by using the user-level security feature do not protect your database from users who have malicious intent, and are not intended as a security barrier. It is appropriate to use this feature to improve the usability of a database for trusted users.

To help keep your data secure, allow only trusted users to access your database file or associated user-level security files by using Windows file system permissions. If you convert a database from an earlier version of Access with user-level security to the new file format, Access strips out all security settings automatically, and the rules for securing an. Finally, remember that all users can see all database objects at all times when you open databases that have the new file format.

To understand the Access security architecture, you need to remember that an Access database is not a file in the same sense as an Excel workbook or a Word document.

Instead, an Access database is a set of objects — tables, forms, queries, macros, reports, and so on — that often depend on each other to function. For example, if you create a data entry form, you cannot enter or store data with that form unless you bind link the controls in the form to a table.

Several Access components can pose security risks, and are therefore disabled in an untrusted database:. To help make your data more secure, Access and the Trust Center perform a set of security checks whenever you open a database.

The process works as follows:. When you open an. If the Trust Center determines that the location is trusted, the database runs with full functionality.

If you open a database that has an earlier file format, Access submits the location of the file and details about its digital signature if any to the Trust Center. The Trust Center checks that “evidence” to evaluate trust for the database and then informs Access how to open the database. Access either disables the database or opens it with full functionality.

Note: Remember that the settings you or your system administrator choose in the Trust Center control the trust decisions that occur when Access opens a database. For more information about using the Trust Center, see the See Also section. To enable the database content, click Options and then choose the appropriate options in the dialog box that appears. Access enables the disabled content, and the database reopens with full functionality.

Otherwise, the disabled components will not work. If you open a database that was created in the earlier file format. When the Trust Center evaluates a database as untrusted, Access opens that database in Disabled mode — that is, it turns off all executable content, regardless of the database file format. Unsafe actions in all macros. However, actions that Access disables can sometimes be considered “safe. Microsoft Access Runtime. Select Language:.

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