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Nikon capture nx-d vs view nx2 free

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Nikon capture nx-d vs view nx2 free.What is the different between all these Nikon software?

Jul 12,  · View NX-I replaced View NX Capture NX-D is Nikon’s free editor, its pretty much a waste of time. Capture NX-2 is Nikon’s old photo editor which don’t work with Nikon’s current line-up unless you convert file types, its still around for a price but. Feb 03,  · Feb 3, #1. From this article on the NikonUSA web site, I find (italics mine): “ViewNX 2 and Capture NX 2 overwrite NEF files, with the result that they cannot be restored to the condition they were in when originally shot. Capture NX-D saves changes to a settings (“sidecar”) file without touching the original RAW data, and consequently User Interaction Count: Jun 07,  · Nikon announced the NX Studio software in March of as a way for Nikon shooters to view, process, and edit still images and video. The free software merged the ViewNX-I and Capture ND-D.


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Now I have a headache. I would like to know opinions on the best uses for these programs. I cannot speak on behalf of others so I will tell you what I do. This is the only RAW editor that honors settings made to the camera although obviously you can modify what you need to. Once I am done with Capture I export to Photoshop for a final tune-up before storing the originals. From my understanding, NxD is the next release of Nx2. Although Nx2 was not free, NxD is supposed to be.

I read this somewhere, but don’t recall where. I just checked the Nikon site and could find no information. FWIW, I use Transfer to get files from my cards, re-name and add my copyright to them during transfer, and store them directly to their final resting place–which is a Synology Disk Station–all in one motion. I use Nx2 to convert the files for use in another program such as Photoshop.

Personally, I prefer to use Nikon’s native conversion rather that another program for this purposes. There must be, literally, a thousand possible workflows! Thanks for the input everyone, but what is the benefit of using NX-D? How is it different. The biggest benefit of NxD is that it will be free so I understand. Other than that, since I haven’t used it, and I don’t believe it is yet available to the general public, I can’t comment.

I would expect nothing less than it being as useful as the current version. However I found it to be clunky, and not user friendly compared to View NX-2 and other comparable software. Thanks for all the replies. I guess I’ll have to try it for myself and see what I think. Learn more about the D Archived. Learn more about the Nikon 1 J5 Archived. Learn more about the D4S Archived. Learn more about the DE Archived.

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