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This allows multiple users to control the remote computer using Remote Desktop. Windows 7 Concurrent RDP Patcher. Amazingly, this tool also enables the Remote. You can enable multiple RDP sessions on Windows Server based systems, but also on Windows Clients. So several users can connect remotely.


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All you need to do is windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free enable it because the Remote Desktop function is disabled by default. If you are setting up a connection to a different Windows version such as XP or Vista from your Windows 7 machinethen you need to choose the less secure option. If you only see the Remote Assistance box in the Remote tab but not Remote Desktop, that is because there are some restrictions that Microsoft has implemented in your version of Windows.

You can however, use Remote Desktop to initiate a connection from any edition of Windows 7. Many branded laptops and computers come with Windows 7 Home Premium or possibly Home Basic pre-installed, but not to worry because there is a hack patch that can enable the Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7 Home Premium with a single click.

There is a tool called Concurrent RDP Patcher which is meant to enable concurrent remote desktop connections, which means multiple logons per user. If you click on the user icon to login, the remote connection will be terminated with the popup:. Your Remote Desktop session has ended.

Another user connected to the remote computer, so your connection was lost. Try connecting again, or contact your network administrator or technical support group. The good thing about this patcher is you can revert the changes back to the way it was by clicking the Unpatch button. There are some scripts that can also do the same by patching termsvr. By default, a Remote Desktop Connection only allows you to login with a user account that has a password assigned to it. User accounts with a blank password cannot be used /17751.txt login with a Remote Desktop Connection.

Sadly that forum is no longer available. /14437.txt patcher was updated by windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free original author a while ago to include compatibility for Windows 7 Service Pack 1. As it was effectively abandoned by the author after this we have since made further updates to the tool as and when needed.

It is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7. For four years the termsrv. Windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free though, Microsoft made changes to the dll and it broke the patcher with Rollup update KB released in October If you are still running with that update or have not yet installed any Rollup updates beyond Januarywe have a dedicated Concurrent RDP Patcher that works with it.

The offending update is Rollup update KB released in February We have created a new patcher that по этой ссылке work for this latest update. Please use it with care and at your own risk. Of course, we welcome any feedback on how this latest patcher version works for you. We will do our best to update the Concurrent RDP Patcher if there are any more updates to the termsrv. Windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free has updated the dll нажмите для деталей the second time in and enjoys making life more difficult!

Rollup update KB will break things again. The below patcher is a test version and should be treated as such on bit and bit Windows 7 so please take care when using it. Seems not to be working anymore. Checked the patches, removed a couple of them. Repatched but not working. Which version shall I install?

Is it needed to restart the machine after the patch? Am I the only one? I have this problem. Perfect…or almost…. It allow only 4 remote connections…. Hi, Worked like a charm on Win7 Home Premium! Did not see the Remote Desktop option, but connecting worked fine anyway! Thanks a lot!

Hi, does this program run on windows 7 ultimate? Because when Windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free use it it tells me that termsrv. The windows was last updated in Dig a little deeper,you will find the solution. RDP stopped working. Unpatching it did not fix it so RDP is down completely at this point. Uncertain windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free else to try other than restoring OS from backup.

Oh well, it was worth a try. I wrote that message too soon. At first, I received an error message about TermServ. A couple of reboots and unpatch attempts failed to correct that.

For some reason I tried again one more time and it нажмите чтобы узнать больше … now logged in with 3 different users. In fact, it seems to be working. Can access other desktops remotely using RDP client. Home can have RDP activated, it takes more work. Most Complaints are from people that do not understand how RDP works or is configured,just shoping for a button click solution.

Have Widows 7 Home Premium. Install of the patch went fine. I tried patching and unpatching each version for troubleshooting purposes. Here are my two observations. All I see is the Allow Remote Assistance checkbox.

My client PC screen then shows the remote connection bar at the top of the screen looking like it is about to connect. It even flashes a dark blue background with Waiting to Connect something like that on the screen. About a second later the connect screen then goes away.

The connection is closed. Hi I have downloaded the latest patcher to use with Win 7 Professional but i seem to be failing on attaining multi users. Thank you man. You did a very good job. This saved my job! A beer is waiting for you. Thank you very very much. The only sad thing for me so far — it does not work for W7 Ultimate. After you have those Errors, search those and you will find people that also windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free those errors, and how to fix them.

So tell me please. Running the patch tool gives me a message termsrv. I can toggle from patched to unpatched. Do I need to restart computer? What am I missing if anything? Win 7 Home Premium Is there any fee for the release of the password? Do the Jan. Thank you! Then installed your successful April patch. Am also running in a VM so I have an easy image of the whole shebang…. If I am setting up from scratch, do I download windows 7 enterprise multiple rdp sessions free original and all patches and /53631.txt them one by one?

Concurrent sessions work again, thanks!!!! Hello, Thanks for that patch. I downloaded and ran the April patch termsrv. I have W7HP. Thank you. Maybe there will be an update soon? I got an error that says termsrv.

The concurrent patcher is a great tool thanks. It does not seem to work with the newest Bluekeep patch KB does it? I have a PC with all updates and this works fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! So today I took my time and read down and down and down through this web site and finally tried the final April patch and it works just as you would expect.

Maybe you should update your site and put the April patch at the top or even remove all the older patches.


– Allow Multiple RDP Sessions Windows 7


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Session Prelaunch Read More ». Am I missing something? Any chance for support? For me, the RDP patches failed after installing the Microsoft Security update for the critical wormable. The checksums have been updated for the Zips. It works with the latest April Security rollup patch for Windows 7 x64 and x Btw, do the patcher contain all earlier patches, or do I need the older versions for older win7 machines? Each one supports the default Service Pack 1 dll, the KB patch from and whatever latest patch is listed in the article.

If you want support for Windows 7 RTM, download the original patcher. Thanks for your work on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, HAL! I was thinking the SHA1: was the password but I see on the download page the password is listed. Sorry for the confusion. Dear Sir, thanks for your effort but link to patcher April is srill the same: bit only. Just tested! April Test Version works perfect Windows 7 bit. Thank you so much! Keep up with great work! Thanks HAL This morning I tried 64bit and worked pergectly.

Now this new version is asking for a password. Please, there are still many of us who have Windows 7 bit there are reasons for that! Please make bit version! Thank you :. I came to report it after uninstalling both KBs and getting it back to work. I really appreciate your work sir! Not for me: KB Monthly rollup replaces termsrv. Please update the RDP Patcher. Nope it does not — I get error message that termsrv. April Update has changed termsrv. Ran this today, 5th of April. I think there were some updates from April that are blocking this.

I am also having issues with this. Is it alright, or it is some problem on my remote OS? Is there any other step I have to do?

Also, thanks for your work on this project! We have 5 RDP clients working concurrently after patching Termsrv.

Not sure why the original author excluded Enterprise, must have been a valid reason for it though. If you are having trouble with the patcher where it says it cannot access file termsrv. Once you Un-install this you will be able to use this patcher. I was finally able to update all the security patches and use this patcher. It works with the March security updates. Thanks for confirming it works with the March updates. Yes, obviously if you have something like RDP Wrapper installed it will interfere with the operation of this tool.

Thank you so much for your ongoing maintenance of this patch. System is Windows 7 Home. Is there any way commands to set the options automatically on this installer? I cant push it automatically because of the two check mark options during install.

I use thin clients with it but connects only two.. Im using windows7 profesional. You should probably warn people that if you use this to allow more than one user to connect to the system, at the same time, you are in violation of the Windows 7 EULA.

When I download it I get a warning:. Some security applications dislike tools like this because they patch system files and edit registry entries, which is similar to what malware might do.

I tried the Feb patch on W7 Prof French version. Not working. When trying to remotly connect, the session start but then stop. If a running session on console, this session is not impacted at all.

I still have problems with a KB version of Windows 7 Professional, I tried all 3 version but got always the same error of inknow checksum.

Find out what the version number of the dll is. As far as I recall, there were no new dlls between October and October , so you might have the dll. This is a fantastic tool. Works flawlessly here following KB What am I doing wrong? I stopped Remote Desktop Services and still saying cannot access file termsrv.

Are there other processes that need to be stopped? Hi HAL! Deinstallation of KB solved the to the state before. Do you have patch for KB?? Please we need patch. Hallo, Windows 7 x64 Home Premium 6. PS: Hal, any link with the info about what has to be changed and where? I understand is something that has to be done with en hex editor to the file, correct? There is no specific page but several pages around the internet with plenty of old information about the bytes to change.

The tool is, in fact, a mixture of functions. Ok, thanks you for the clarification. I assumed it was just a few bytes on the dll and though of not bothering you again. Zerox you are correct so thank you for that. I notice that KB is optional anyway so I will leave it uninstalled for now. For a list of the files that are provided in this update, download the file information for update I just uninstalled KB and declined future installation for now on this machine.

Now my W7Pro termsrv. Microsoft just do it again KB updates termsrv. Hello again! Microsoft released a new termsrv. Is there someone that know what is that has to changed in the file so we can do it manually and be done with it? Or if HAL has the time to commit a new version that recognizes this new checksum. What an enormous time saver since I can now connect remotely as the admin user and fix things without disturbing the local user!

Do you have a tip jar? Thanks again! I have been trying to get RDP to work for weeks. I have Win 7 Home. I set a password on the target machine my home laptop.

What more do I have to do? It needs updating again. I did a full update with the latest rollups and the patcher works.

It seems even smart enough to restart RDP service because no reboot required! However for me it is back to normal. Just did a bunch of win 7 updates and it killed my RDP. I next tried teh new patch, but no difference. I am able to connect to the machine. Then the window size gets smaller for a second, then disappears. Maybe this is a different problem from this patch. Windows 7 Pro, 64bit. I run it as admin and reboot. But when I go to run it again, it thinks the dll is unpatched. And now I am limited to 4 concurrent users.

Previous versions of this patch on the same system allowed more than 4 users, now there is some limit which is imposed. Sounds like something might be replacing the patched dll on reboot. When I do the same in Pro x64 and reboot, the tool still says the file is patched.

The tool checks the MD5 checksum of the patched and unpatched dll. If it is telling you the dll is not patched after restarting, then the MD5 is the unpatched checksum and the file has reverted to the original. That could be caused by security settings or software. That worked perfectly with the latest as of update of termsrv. Win7 pro x64 bit.. What should I do? This file was updated by Microsoft on File version: 1.

Ever since there has been Windows updates that fixes the patch, so the concurrent RDP stops working. I tried everything, but this time I can not figure out, what is the matter. RDP Service is working and it accepts connections. However, every time when I try to remotely connect this computer, the RDP client is able to establish the connection. However, it will disconnect immediately without any warning, or message etc. I can see quick flash of my desktop. When I logon this computer localy, I can see from taskmanager, that there is no other users logged on.

So the logon fails. What can be the issue? I tried t0 use them all. I tried to restore the original. However, the result is the same, Is there any place to download prepatched termsrv. The latest update to the tool will work with the Windows update mentioned, as you can see from others commenting it works on the latest dll as intended. If the checksum fails you have the wrong or an incompatible dll. The tool will now not recognize the original RTM dll because I replaced that patch with this one by now nobody should be using it.

Which version and architecture of Windows are you using? Is it an original install media or some custom install? Thank you for answer. I found this. If in default setting, GPO allows me to connect max 5 users, why i have this problem with 2 connected users? Hi HAL Any news on an update. Ok, I have updated the tool for the latest termsrv.

Please try this version of the patcher and report back as I have been unable to test it properly. Use this tool at your own risk…. I have a 5 session to one PC with Windwos 7 Pro.

Used an earlier rdp patcer and everything works fin. After this year updates in widows 7 i musz use a new rdp patcher. Multiple session is back, but on PC, whith i have connectet, at least, 5 session via rdp, i see tle last logget user desktop. For examle: 3 users : Admin, X1, X2. Admin is localy logged on PC , and i see an Admin desktop. You may have to re-start your pc. Dear Hal! Please fix the patch we did not have unfortuna telly restore points and can not revert the changes.

Now we are sitting duck and can not work. Please let us know it you are fixed it. Thank you sir. Ran into the same problem and backing out kb worked for me. Hoping someone will come up with a revised patch for this so further updates can be allowed. Because there is an updated termsrv. I second, package kb was causing the issue on my Windows 7 x64, once rolled back the dll revert to the patched version. We just got the latest windows update that happened yesterday and the Concurrent RDP patcher is now working now.

An update around Sept broke this again sadly, been an avid user. Yes, confirm. I have 60 computers running Win7 in my facility and rely on concurrent sessions heavily. I have had to disable these three updates on all. I hope this helps: kb kb kb — rolled this one back yesterday. Last time this happened in I was lucky enough to find out online what bytes needed to be patched, so could update the program.

Thanks, may I ask where you got that information from? There appears to be only about 2 bytes difference from the old dll and I need to check this out before trying to update the patcher…. Could log in with two users remotely and one user locally being member of the Remote Desktop Users group.

Kaspersky endpoint security seems to block this. Any idea how to allow in the rules of the firewall for concurrent connections? It works fine without Kaspersky enabled. It worked for me for years, using xfreerdp package freerdp from Linux to Windows Home. But since yesterday when I ran Windows Update for the first time in 3 months, I get these errors:.

Hi yesterday I have done fresh installation Windows 7 home premium SP1 and fully updated and the patch not is working for me.

I tried patch-unpatch a lot of times but remote desktop open and looks is goingo to work but close ver fast without errors. Latest version works great on updated Windows 7 Professional! Make sure you are using the version on the very bottom of the post! Not working on latest updated version of Home Premium x64 — termsrv. In the freaking middle of the night. Still 2hours to make this freaking server with 25 employees work. Stressed out. The entire company would be on production hold. What could I do??!

Found this site……. Man If I ever knew who had this solution patch? I would personally send them a beer!! The tool which I retained is a tool called Universal Termsrv. After reboot, if you re-execute this tool, you got an option to restore your original files, if necessary.

And here is a screenshot showing 2 connections which one at the console to a Windows 7 Enterprise — N based VM x One of the ways to test it how it works at least is this one:. Update: It seems that the files aren’t there any longer.

It’s working for XP, Vista, and W7 based systems , where for the first two there are registry keys and for W7 x86 and x64 there is a small application, which replaces some dlls yes, there is a restore option. You’re prompted for a restart. After reboot, if you re-execute this tool, you got an option to restore your original files, if necessary. And here is a screenshot showing 2 connections which one at the console to a Windows 7 Enterprise — N based VM x If you’re running Windows Active Directory at your organization and you want to enforce the policy for multiple RDP sessions on a group of servers, you can do it through GPO Group policy objects.

There is many ways you could possibly implement that and it depends on your’s AD structure and your needs. One of the ways to test it how it works at least is this one:. Update: Open gpmc. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow me on Twitter : vladan. Connect on: Facebook. Feel free to network via Twitter vladan. It did not work for me. I have a Windows server essentials R2.