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– How To Make Sure Windows 7 Will Boot After Changing The Motherboard

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I realize this is an old post but I wanted to give a link to the fix for this without having to re-install windows for folks that are currently replacing motherboards and want to keep their existing hard drive. Apr 9, 0 10, Did this work for OP? Lamont Bushman Honorable. Aug 29, 1 0 10, 0.

I ended up just plugging in the old mobo and uninstalling all drivers for it. Then when I put the new mobo in, it started right up so I could install the drivers for that one.

The only way this wouldn’t work is if the old mobo is bad. For upgrades this is the best way to do it. Dec 10, 2 0 10, 0.

It was designed in the XP days but works just fine on Win7. Just did this yesterday, worked like a charm. Feb 13, 12 0 10, 0. Any easy solutions yet? I’ll be darned if I have to lose my old C: drive. I reinstalled Windows on another drive an it worked.

The old C: drive is visible but I can’t access none of the files on it. The only thing I can attribute to this disgrace is that the drive letters have switched somehow.

Would changing them back fix this? Jun 19, 0 18, 0. If you can get it to boot either the Windows Rcovery disc generated from a running copy of Windows 7 or get to the recovery screen from your existing HDD install, you don’t need to uninstall. Aug 4, 51 0 18, 1. BUT, before you go through all those steps try this one first.

Enter Bios and go to the drive configuration screen. Save and exit. Restart computer is the exit doesn’t automatically. You should see that it goes past the point where the bsod and reboot took place fairly quickly. Then wait as it will take a while for windows to churn through the changes and get to your desktop. Then you can load the new drivers from the DVD. This, of course, doesn’t work every time but it does often enough to make it worthwhile to try it. As I understand it, if your old motherboard ran your hard discs as IDE, you have to set the new mobo to IDE to get your hard drives to be recognized.

Which makes sense if the hard drive isn’t recognized. Sep 19, 1 0 4, 0. Just make sure u plug in the power button. To motherboard , fill your ram slots, and plug hard drive and CD drive, any other audio extra front USB ports FireWire don’t plug then into motherboard yet, oh and make sure u plug ur fans in , win 7 has universal drivers for VGA port so u should be able to boot up and download drivers or if it came with cd for your motherboard after installed u should be able to plug all other things like front USB ports to your motherboard.

Roelfk7 Reputable. Sep 23, 2 0 4, 0. After replacing mboard on windows 7 pc will not boot into windows But I thought id share my experience incase anyone else is looking for a solution to this issue, 1. In the hirens utilities, Find registry tools, and click on FIX hdd controller It launches a dos window, where you select your target root, and choose repair.

It seems to delete the old driver out of current control set 00 from your registry, and replace it with generic version. Worked like a charm for me! Oct 29, 1 0 4, 0. Sep 18, 60 0 18, 1. The suggestion to use dism was very helpful for me after I replaced the motherboard and cpu on my old computer. Some additional information for anyone who finds this thread: There’s also a tool called sysprep that generalizes an operating system in preparation for moving it.

I think it removes all but the generic drivers that come with a windows install disk. Then when you replace hardware components, you boot up, windows starts finding drivers, and you can also add drivers from the cd that comes with the motherboard. This would have saved some headache to have done this step first.

I ran dism using the motherboard driver CD. I think it installed many uneeded drivers, but upon booting to windows 7 it worked, though I still reinstalled from the CD and also let windows search for driver updates automatically. Took a bit, but everything works. I don’t think there’s a reason why you couldn’t install the drivers from the cd first, then replace motherboard, although I suppose this isn’t any better than using sysprep.

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Needing a new license in either case, how would I get it to work with my existing installation? Do you know of any post where someone describes exactly what BIOS, driver, and registry settings to fiddle with? I don’t know of any guide which is why I call it fiddling. Your mileage may vary heavily, so it might be more feasible to just install Windows 7 on top of your current installation. Retail does not make a difference, changing the motherboard is an OS-breaking experience What do you mean by “install Windows 7 on top of current installation”?

When I try to install Windows 7 retail on top of the same partition where broken OEM Windows 7 is, it tells me that it will move the old Windows directory to Windows. This is highly undesirable for me as all settings and most installed programs will not work anymore.

It’s no one’s fault that a motherboard breaks. It happens. However, if it is an OEM Windows license more than likely, since retail licenses are more expensive , it is tied to the motherboard.

Usually, HP will get you a replacement motherboard and handle the data transfer if it is under warranty. You can also try calling HP and explain the situation. Then try calling Microsoft. It will save your program settings to a file that you can use to restore when you reinstall the OS.

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HowTo: Repair Windows 7 Install After Replacing Motherboard – Dowd and Associates.boot – Can Windows 7 be repaired to run with new motherboard? – Super User


How many times have you installed copies of Windows on a computer following a major hardware change? Anyone who has built a PC from scratch or had посетить страницу to reinstall their operating system should know that there are читать статью drivers that need to be installed. Windows XP had a few problems with this, meaning that the end result of fitting a new motherboard was effectively the same as buying a new computer.

With Windows 7, however, this has all changed, and the operating system should allow you to upgrade your motherboard without reinstalling. You will motherboatd to make sure that your computer is ready for what is going to be a motherboard transplant. After you have done this, audit the applications взято отсюда are running and make sure you have access to по ссылке activation keys.

The presence of a new piece of hardware like a motherboard may cause an application to be locked an anti-piracy function so you may windows 7 not starting after motherboard change free to re-enter the key after adding the new motherboard. The same goes for games. Before proceeding, you will also need to check and compare the disk interface settings between the two motherboards.

If one is using an IDE driver from a different chipset, for instance, this is going to scupper the project. Ultimately, this works best for motherboards that are either identical or extremely similar.

The System Preparation Tool sysprep is a Windows 7 utility that can be launched from the command line and used to configure Windows, readying it for a change of host hardware. This can be used for running Windows on a new motherboard /23283.txt even transferring the hard disk drive into a completely new environment.

Before you begin to install the new hardware, start Windows and then open the Command Prompt as Administrator windows 7 not starting after motherboard change free cmd into the Search box, right-click the cmd. Make sure you are not running any other software жмите this point.

You can then install your new motherboard, or if you’re moving your HDD to a new computer, carry out that process. With your hard disk drive connected to a new motherboard, and all installation checks made, you can power on your computer.

Windows will then require information about your language and keyboard settings, location, etc. There are, of course, several requirements to successfully completing this process. Additionally, being prepared for any aftdr of data-related disaster is also aindows, hence the instruction to back-up your vital files earlier. You should windows 7 reset wireless network adapter free note that Windows may not activate with the new motherboard.

In windows 7 not starting after motherboard change free situation you should contact Microsoft who will provide you with an activation code. If you have any problems, let us etarting in the comments, or alternatively, describe your issue to our online tech community, MakeUseOf Answers. Stwrting Your Computer You will need to make sure that your computer is ready for what is going to be a motherboard transplant.


Windows 7 not starting after motherboard change free


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