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But there are still useful options available to anyone who needs Windows 7 in a lab or virtual machine. Windows 7 evaluation versions are also no longer available. MSDN subscription s are specifically intended for professional software developers. An annual subscription gives you access to a wide range of professional developer tools and pre-release products.

You can choose from different levels of MSDN subscriptions. It offers full access to every client and server version of Windows going as far back as Windows 3. For a full list of available packages, see this chart. The MSDN license agreement is detailed and worth reading in full. There’s an excellent summary of your rights as a subscriber here.

This paragraph is especially noteworthy:. Many MSDN subscribers use a computer for mixed use–both design, development, testing, and demonstration of your programs the use allowed under the MSDN Subscription license and some other use. Using the software in any other way, such as for doing email, playing games, or editing a document is another use and is not covered by the MSDN Subscription license.

When this happens, the underlying operating system must also be licensed normally by purchasing a regular copy of Windows such as the one that came with a new OEM PC. If you’re a professional developer or designer who uses Microsoft products, MSDN subscriptions can be a bargain. If you just want cheap access to Windows 7, you have better options. If you are enrolled in a science, technology, engineering, or math department at an educational institution that subscribes to Microsoft DreamSpark Premium , you can get free software for use in your studies.

It includes server software and development tools but does not include Windows client software. To check your eligibility through these programs, register here using a school-issued email address or a code supplied by an academic institution.

Home Business Enterprise Software. Windows 7 is more than six years old. Most of the cheap upgrade offers that were available when it was fresh and new are long gone. But if you prefer the familiar Windows 7 interface or need it for testing and evaluation you can still find great deals. Here are all the details you need. Featured Remote work or in the office? Windows 1. Show Comments. Dell Optiplex Desktop i 3. HP Elitebook p Laptop-Core i5 2.

Get it as soon as Fri, Jun Digital Download. Available now. Windows 11 Home Digital Download by Microsoft. Related searches. Previous 1 2 Need help? Visit the help section or contact us. Go back to filtering menu. It also allows you to use 2 physical processors at once. In addition, more and more messages will appear on the screen demanding product registration, causing you to be distracted from your business. Some programs on a non-activated OS may stop working at the most inopportune moment: there is a risk of losing important data.

On this page we have collected Windows 7 Professional work keys. As you might have guessed these are most likely not official, legal versions of the software. Admittedly there are people who might not be bothered by the thought of downloading hacked copies of the OS, but just remember that these versions could easily contain clever malware that watches all of your activities and gathers your precious security details for a remote thief. One way of technically getting Windows 7 for free on a new PC is to transfer the licence from a previous machine.

If you bought a retail copy of Windows 7 in the past, not the OEM versions that come preinstalled on a PC, then you are allowed to install the software on a new machine so long as you remove it from the old one.



Windows 7 professional buy free. Windows 7 Professional 64-bit EN


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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Table of Contents. Windows 7 Have Many Version Like. Top 5 keys: Windows 11 Pro. Windows 7 Keys Windows Keys. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Select Install Instructions to see which packages are available for download, and make note of the one that you need.

Select the appropriate language from the drop-down list, and then select Download. Select the packages you need to install, select Next , and then follow the instructions to install SP1. Your PC might restart a few times during the installation. Select the link in the table that corresponds with the version of Windows running on your PC. On the Microsoft Download Center page, select your language and then select Download.

It might take a few minutes for the tool to download and install. To install the tool immediately, select Open or Run and then follow the instructions.

To use the tool later, select Save and download the installation files to your PC. On the Installation complete screen, select Close.

Select Properties then scroll down and click on Activate Windows Now. If you have a PC running Windows 7, 8 or 8. Where 8 and 8. Among online merchants, for example, Dell offers filters to show all available desktops and all-in-ones and laptops running Windows 7.

HP has separate pages for business desktops and laptops , but you have to look at each model to find the models with Windows 7 available. Big online retailers that serve business markets should have similar selections covering a wide range of brands and the full spectrum of prices. There are plenty of sites where you can find “factory reconditioned” PCs for sale at legitimately low prices.

Amazon-owned Woot, for example, always has lots of choices in its Computers section , although you’ll have to dig into the specs to confirm that the operating system you’re looking for is included. I don’t recommend taking a chance with random sellers on eBay or Craigslist–not when there are so many well-established merchants that offer proper warranties and return policies, as well as an assurance that the underlying Windows license is legitimate.

Under Microsoft’s arcane licensing rules, you can legitimately purchase OEM copies of Windows 7 any edition. However, the license agreement with those copies explicitly prohibits you from using that software on a PC you build or refurbish for your own personal use.

Crazy, huh? ZDNet takes a look back at very best tech stories and features of From the year’s tech turkeys to products and services that get business done, we round up top gadgets, cloud highs, security lows — and much more. There are no technical limitations to prevent you from using OEM software on your own PC, although this software will work only for a clean installation and not for an upgrade. In the past, Microsoft has been remarkably inconsistent in its advice to customers about whether this practice is allowed.

Don’t ask Microsoft. To make the subject even more confusing, Microsoft briefly changed its licensing rules with Windows 8, adding a Personal Use Rights clause that allowed individuals to buy OEM Windows and install it on personal PCs. That change lasted exactly one year: with the launch of Windows 8. The bottom line? Yes, you can install an OEM copy of Windows 7 on a PC for your own personal use; I recommend that you avoid doing so for your business, however, especially if you have a licensing agreement with Microsoft.

Most of the readily available options for new PCs include the latest version of Windows–that’s Windows 10 today with many Windows 8. If you love a particular piece of hardware and your preferred version of Windows 7 isn’t available on the build-to-order options list, don’t despair.

You have four choices available.